Rails Day 2006

written by Cristi Balan on 2006-06-22

About 6 hours before the registration for Rails Day 2006 ended, I decided to compete. Having no idea about what to do I started hunting for a team on irc and luckily found out that Phil Hagelberg had an opening. Best thing is that he already had an idea and another team member, Ferdinand Svehla so I jumped right in.

The application we made is a simple meeting planner, Concourse. It helps when you want to know the best date to get together with a number of people but you don’t know when they can make it.

It’s meant to be pretty straight forward: you create an account, add your dates, times and enter the people’s emails. Emails get sent and people can pick their preferred times. The meeting organizer can then look at their responses and decide on a meeting date.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to finish in time, mainly because of lack of sleep and any serious planning. Still, we got quite a lot done and ended up pretty close to having a nice, usable application and we decided to continue to hack on it for a while.

“Phil also had the great idea ":http://technomancy.us/blog/post/48 of getting the shiny web 2.0 compliant domain concour.se and setup a svn repository for us. So, look forward to some kind of launch pretty soon.


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