Time to say goodbye

written by Cristi Balan on 2006-09-06

Adobe just completed the acquisition of InterAKT Online. That was the company i used to work for. Notice how i said was? That’s because I decided it’s time to move on and take a stab at freelancing, even though the work I’d be doing at Adobe, as well as the position and package offered, were pretty amazing.

Many people think that I was nuts to turn down this kind of offer from such a nice company as Adobe, but I have very good reasons. I spent many of the recent days (and nights) just sitting around and trying to quantify whether I should accept the offer or stick it out on my own.

It finally came down to a combination of several things that mattered to me at this time in my life, mainly: possible opportunities I’d have to pass, availability of random free time, instinctive fear of long term commitments. Money was also an issue, but up to a point. I first thought it was about money, but soon realised that I’m more happy with a decent amount (rather than a large amount) if that means I get to keep a lot of options open, meet more people, maybe travel more and overall have just a bit more choice in what I do with my own time.

I also want to say that Adobe (at least the part I got to see) is a fantastic company to work for. They really care about their employees, have a very nice approach to software development and they also offer great benefits and work conditions. I also talked about my decision with some great people from Adobe and even though it was not the news they wanted to hear, they completely accepted my choice and have actually been very supportive of it.

It was tough leaving this fabulous team behind, but I’m sure they’ll just get better and, as part of Adobe, they now have the opportunity to change more of the world than before.

Good luck, guys and gals!

If you you’re curios about more details, here’s the press release and entries on the owners of InterAKT blogs:


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