I can has new servar!

written by Cristi Balan on 2007-05-13


While trying to get your skittlish fix on, you may have noticed that this site has been down for quite a bit. Turns out that the mini this site was hosted on got disconnected from the world (collocation lease expired) and it took a bit for the backups to show up.

Things are looking up though. Me main man, Jamie, was just about to start a hosting company and got a shiny new server. Fortunately, for both of us, he found himself snatched up by the funky Engine Yard people. So, thanks to his kindness, this site is now hosted on a slice of cheese somewhere in the UK.

I also moved the svn for skittlish to googlecode, “just in cases”. The old svn backups couldn’t be recovered in useful time so you have to recheckout from the new location and reapply your local changes. Sorry about that.

The new svn location is:


And you can checkout like this:

                svn co http://evilchelu.googlecode.com/svn/skittlish/trunk /path/to/mephisto/themes/site-1/skittlish