ANN: giston - piston lookalike for git

written by Cristi Balan on 2007-11-27


This article is outdated: Please read about braid 0.3.0


A few months ago I started to use git for some of my projects instead of svk. I won’t go in what git is, plenty of people have done that better than I could.

Giston, like piston, aims to solve the problem of tracking svn vendor branches in your repository. Piston does a lot of work to be nice and safe and works great with svn. Giston is mostly a hack around some shell commands to do something similar for git, but in a more hackish and naive way. At least for now.

Giston’s code, as you will see, is pretty bad. But, on the bright side, it’s tested with rspec so, theoretically, you’d be able to at least understand what’s going on.

I’ve been trying to get back to it for a while and rewrite the ugly parts but never got around to do that. I’m putting it out there to have something visible in case anyone has the same needs and to motivate myself to fix it, by means of public shame :).


Giston is a simple tool to help track svn vendor branches in your git repository. It’s loosely based on the idea of piston, but it’s more simplistic and it does less.


git clone git:// cd giston sudo ruby setup.rb giston —help # see usage


I would like to thank Chris Sturm for using giston and finding some bugs :).


I plan to fix the bugs in the TODO file in the following weeks to have a more decent version till Christmas.

If you have ideas or wishes or, if you’d like to send a patch (YAY!), just leave a comment with a pastie or email me.


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