ANN: braid 0.3.2

written by Cristi Balan on 2008-02-14

If you got braid from the git repository before 12:40GMT, please pull the latest changes.

The 0.3.0 version has a bug where it will clone the mirrored svn repositories entierly. braid 0.3.1 just grabs the HEAD revision and this is significantly faster.



  • braid was fetching entire repositories for svn mirros. changed to fetch only HEAD
  • workaround for stupid git svn behaviour. it is transforming all _ (underscores) into . (periods) in git svn remote branch names
    • braid now is replacing all _ with – preemtively


  • braid only works with a quite recent git (I’m using latest from the git git repo). I know that git 1.5.2 definitely doesn’t work (git fetch is acting up). Not sure about versions in between.


cd braid git pull rake install_gem

Get it

git clone git:// cd braid rake install_gem braid —help # see usage


Mihai Anca has written a nice article showing some real world braid usage: Installing rspec with braid

He also helped track down the stupid bugs in the 0.3.0 release together with Dominic Owens, who is leading the project. I have beers already prepared for them.


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