ANN: braid 0.4 - piston lookalike for git

written by Cristi Balan on 2008-04-30

Braid is a simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository.

This release fixes a bunch of bugs and adds important missing features which allow braid to actually be useful to people working in teams and it also stops polluting the git history with messages from the imported mirrors.

This release is possible because of the work of Norbert Crombach, who totally rocks!

Important changes

  • all new mirrors are created squashed, which means that you’ll only get one commit when adding a mirror
    • if you already have braid mirrors you need to update to squashed format.
  • braid now can be used by all developers on a project. There’s a guide for this on the wiki.

Other changes

  • braid diff
  • braid update can now lock to a revision
  • commands are only executed if there are no local changes and the git version is above
  • bunch of bugfixes and cleanups

Install with rubygems

Unfortunately the github gem server is not working for everyone yet so please install from the git repository if this doesn’t work

gem sources -a # only need to do this once gem install evilchelu-braid

Get it from the git repository

Get a clone of the git repository using:

git clone git:// cd braid rake install_gem braid —help # see usage

Open source works!

This release is very special for me because it showed me, in a personal way, that open source really works.

I was about to give up on braid at the end of March mainly because I had no idea on how to fix the history polluting and being able to work in teams. And there were also bugs and the code looked a bit ugly.

Fortunately, I didn’t shut it down because after about a month where I didn’t do any updates to braid, Norbert Crombach (github) told me he forked the project on github and fixed all the major outstanding issues! I was shocked and awed by his effort and, since all the major stuff is now fixed, I found new motivation to work on braid again. Thanks, dude! :)

We’ve been tweaking and cleaning up things for the last week to get this handy release out. We have ideas for a number of other features for the next releases so, head over to the braid project page on github and watch it to get updates. Github is great and it makes patching and merging so easy that we hope you’ll consider forking the project and contributing with code :).


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