ANN: giston 0.2.0

written by Cristi Balan on 2008-01-18


This article is outdated: Please read about braid 0.3.0

Giston is a simple tool to help track svn vendor branches in your git repository. Ita€™s loosely based on the idea of piston, but ita€™s more simplistic and it does less.

Get it

git clone git:// cd giston sudo ruby setup.rb giston —help # see usage

giston 0.2.0 changes

  • now using the “main” gem for command line arguments parsing
  • rewrote the command handling and cleaned up the code
  • broke “giston update” when used without a mirror name

Please be aware that giston is, still, very immature and might(read: will) unexpectedly break at points. Make sure to commit any local changes before using giston.

I’ll create a rubyforge project for issue tracking and gem releasing next week. At the moment I can’t seem to login to rubyforge. Not to mention that I have to chase some beers around :).

Have fun and please let me know of any bugs, complaints, ideas or patches you might have.


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