ANN: braid 0.3.0

written by Cristi Balan on 2008-02-13


braid 0.3.2 was released to fix some major bugs

Braid is a simple tool to help track svn and git vendor branches in your git repository. It used to be called giston and was more hackish.

There is no direct way to update your giston mirrors to braid mirros, sorry :(. You know, life on the edge and stuff, heh.

Get it

git clone git:// cd braid rake install_gem braid —help # see usage

giston 0.3.0 changes from giston 0.2.0

  • using YAML::Store to save config
  • using git merge-subtree with git and git svn remotes to track repositories

Rubyforge project on the way. I’ll update this page when it’s ready.

Have fun and please let me know of any bugs, complaints, ideas or patches you might have.


From the README:

create a git repo

git init moo cd moo

ideally you will also do these, but they are just good practices

git config —global merge.summary true git checkout -b localwork

adding mirrors

braid add git://blah braid add svn://muh gitk braid/track git merge braid/track

updating mirrors

braid update muh braid update git merge braid/track

removing mirrors

braid remove blah braid remove muh git merge braid/track


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